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Interested in Botox? See Your Dentist!

June 17, 2021

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Closeup of patient getting Botox from a dentist

Are you interested in regaining your healthy, youthful facial features with Botox? Many people are, but don’t want to visit a plastic surgeon or specialist. Thankfully, enjoying the benefits of BOTOX or dermal fillers could be as easy as taking a trip to your dentist’s office! After years of advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and studying the structure of the face, your South Burlington dentist is proud to offer these popular treatments. Read on to find out more about getting Botox from a dentist.


The Hidden Dangers of Discount Dental Implants

May 22, 2021

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Man with dental pain holding cheek

From cutting coupons to searching for vintage clothes at thrift stores, bargain hunting can be both fun and save you money. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, however, the cheapest option usually isn’t the best. In fact, discount dental implants can often lead to serious – and expensive – problems later down the road. Here are 5 hidden dangers of getting dental implants for cheap.


4 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Get Your Teeth Whitened

May 5, 2021

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happy smiling young woman on summer city street

Do you have big plans this summer? The long summer days are perfect for lazy days by the pool, backyard barbecues, baseball games, camping trips and so much more. Visiting your dentist may not be at the top of your to-do list at the moment. However, if you have stained or discolored teeth, you should definitely reconsider. The beginning of summer is actually an ideal time to undergo professional teeth whitening treatment. Below are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to invest in a brighter smile.


What Is the Difference Between Dental Fillings and Crowns?

April 8, 2021

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Tooth-colored filling

Just because your tooth has become damaged from decay or an injury doesn’t mean that you need to go the rest of your life without it. There are a variety of different tooth restoration options out there that are used to restore teeth that have been harmed in the past. Two common options are dental crowns and fillings, but how do you know which one is right for you? A dentist explains the difference between the two.


Gum Recontouring: Is It Safe?

March 5, 2021

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a young woman showing off her smile after having gum recontouring performed

When looking at the mirror, you realize your teeth are not the problem. Instead, you’re embarrassed because of the unevenness of your gums. Causing your teeth to appear short and “stubby,” there appears to be an overgrowth of soft tissue surrounding your pearly whites. This imbalanced, “gummy” smile is not only causing problems for your oral health, but it makes you want to hide behind your hands and avoid photographs at all costs. What do you do? You’ve heard about gum recontouring, but is it safe? A local dentist explains how this common cosmetic procedure is helping people with the same problem achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles each day.


Canker Sores and Cold Sores: Causes and Treatments

February 18, 2021

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person with a canker sore on their lip

If you’ve ever taken a bite of something salty or a sip of a highly acidic drink and then suddenly felt a stinging pain in or around your mouth, then you’re familiar with canker and cold sores. These pesky oral issues are extremely common, and they’re not fun to deal with. Whether you struggle with sores inside your mouth, on the outsides of lips, or both, you might want to know what the difference is between them and how they can be treated. Keep reading to learn more.


7 Important Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

January 4, 2021

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Man with toothache should see South Burlington emergency dentist

Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, even harder than bones? Unfortunately, there are still plenty of ways you could find yourself with a broken, painful, or knocked-out tooth. While not every dental emergency can be avoided, you can dramatically lower your risk of one with a few simple but important precautions. Read on as your South Burlington emergency dentist shares the top seven tips for keeping your smile happy, healthy, and intact.


Dental Implant Failure: Causes, Signs, and How to Prevent It From Happening to You

December 17, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — greenmountaindentistry @ 8:52 pm
Dentist and patient smiling while looking at dental X-ray

Dental implants have come a long way since they were first invented. Today, they are a completely innovative tooth-replacement solution crafted from the highest quality materials and built for life-long wear. They are also the only smile-rebuilding option that effectively stimulates your jawbone to prevent bone loss and changes to your facial structure. However, perhaps the most impressive attribute is that dental implants in South Burlington hold an impressive 95% success rate! To keep your new and improved smile and bite in pristine condition, read on for the common causes of dental implant failure and how to avoid it.


5 Serious Medical Conditions Your Dentist May Catch Early

November 4, 2020

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Woman with mouth open as a gloved hand brings a dental mirror to her lips

Did you know that your overall health is connected to your oral health? This is why dental professionals encourage patients to take proper care of their teeth and gums. Regular checkups with your dentist in South Burlington can help with the early diagnosis of several medical conditions that can impact your entire body. Keep reading to learn what medical issues you could be at risk of right now and why dental visits can be the key to their diagnosis.


4 of the Most Common Cosmetic Flaws (& Their Treatments!)

October 28, 2020

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Woman covering her mouth with her hands

Do imperfections in your smile cause you to hide it at all costs? You are not alone! In fact, 48% of U.S. adults have untagged themselves from a picture on Facebook because they were unhappy with their teeth. Plus, a whopping 33% of Americans don’t like their smile and an additional 22% believe a better smile would improve their love life. If these statistics sound all too familiar, you’ll be happy to know a cosmetic dentist in South Burlington can help! Read on for the four most common cosmetic flaws and their treatments.

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