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Dental Implant Failure: Causes, Signs, and How to Prevent It From Happening to You

December 17, 2020

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Dental implants have come a long way since they were first invented. Today, they are a completely innovative tooth-replacement solution crafted from the highest quality materials and built for life-long wear. They are also the only smile-rebuilding option that effectively stimulates your jawbone to prevent bone loss and changes to your facial structure. However, perhaps the most impressive attribute is that dental implants in South Burlington hold an impressive 95% success rate! To keep your new and improved smile and bite in pristine condition, read on for the common causes of dental implant failure and how to avoid it.

Common Causes of Dental Implant Failure

Although rare, it is possible for dental implants to “fail” in the short or long-term. A few common causes include:

  • Peri-Implantitis (when an infection forms in the gum tissue around the implant)
  • Dental trauma, like an accidental elbow to the face or a car crash
  • Excessive stress on the dental implant, which is often caused by teeth grinding or clenching
  • Poor dental habits, like smoking and chewing on ice
  • Neglecting to brush and floss your teeth

Signs of Dental Implant Failure

Dental implants are crafted from quality titanium and strong porcelain, which is the key to their unmatched bite force and lifelike appearance. Like your natural teeth, there will be warnings that alert you to something being off. Perhaps the most obvious sign is a dental implant that is extremely loose or has fallen out altogether. However, there are other red flags to keep an eye out for, like oral pain and swollen gums. If any of these symptoms arise, make sure to contact your dental team right away.

How to Prevent Dental Implant Failure

The success of your dental implant rests on both you and the dentist you select. Therefore, priority number one is choosing a dental expert who is experienced in accurate placement of dental implants and using the latest in proven dental technology to do so. As for your part in the equation, you can keep your dental implant in pristine condition by:

  • Implementing a solid at-home oral hygiene routine
  • Attending your dental checkup and professional cleaning every six months
  • Quitting poor dental habits
  • Eating a vitamin-rich diet
  • Cutting back on your sugar intake

Dental implants can last 20+ years – if you care for them properly. To ensure your new and improved smile lasts as long as possible, implement the above prevention tactics and keep the common causes of failure in mind!

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At Green Mountain Dental, each member of our team is united by our passion for providing patients with pristine oral health and equally as beautiful smiles. If dental implants are what you need to achieve this goal, then you’ll be happy to know that thanks to Dr. Tyler Aten and Dr. Nusi Brown’s extensive experience, we handle the entire procedure in house. Plus, we use a state-of-the-art CB/CT scanner for maximum accuracy when it comes time for placement. If you have more questions about getting dental implants or would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist in South Burlington, please visit our website or give us a call at 802-863-3950.

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